Demolition Services

Rocky Mountain Recycling offers demolition services nationwide. We manage all the metal recycling needs for your project; from site review, material handling, transportation and top pricing.

"Using Rocky Mountain Recycling to manage the scrap from our project was one of the best and cost effective decisions we made on the job.
They not only managed the needed trucking but were able to get us the best price for scrap material making the client excited about
the returns received. They also simplified the paperwork process and provided us with a clear breakdown each and every week. I would
highly recommend using them in any demolition project to manage all your scrap material."---Greg Clark ~ Demolition Superintendent, Magnus Pacific

Completed Local Projects:

• Stapleton Airport
• Lowry Air Force Base
• Denver Water Plant
• Southglenn Mall• Crossroads Mall
• Rocky Mountain Arsenal
• Rocky Flats
• T-Rex- I-25 renovation
• Target, K-Mart and Wal-Mart Stores

• Electron Steel Mill and Foundry
• Stapleton Parking Garage
• Children's Hospital
• Holcomb Concrete Plant

Completed National Projects:

• Power Plant – Billings, Montana
• Industrial Plant – Leeds, Alabama
• Manufacturing Facility – Utah
• Army Depot – Oregon
• Power Plant – Kansas
• Northrup Grumman, Pascagoula, MS
Financial Support:
Working with the scrap material of a subject project Rocky Mountain Recycling, in some cases, can support project funding. Each project is different and Rocky Mountain Recycling can review each case and suggest viable alternatives which may help support each of your jobs where scrap material is a significant portion of the work.

Site Reviews
Rocky Mountain Recycling can support your projects and bids with a review of the project site. With your invitation we can visit the subject site and complete a full take off of the scrap material that can potentially be generated as a part of the work. Rocky Mountain Recycling will work with you to develop pricing for the subject material and generate a full breakdown of the materials noted during the site review and visit.

Volume Pricing
Rocky Mountain Recycling is a large volume dealer of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap material. We use this volume pricing to help support our customers and clients on their scrap material located throughout the country.

Rocky Mountain Recycling maintains a fleet of trucks, trailers and railcars that we use specifically for the transportation of scrap material. These and our nationwide contacts with trucking and transportation companies allows us to manage the needed movement of your scrap material. Whether it is roll-off boxes, high side steel trailers or railroad cars, Rocky Mountain Recycling personnel will manage all the transportation needs for your project.

Material Handling and Management
Rocky Mountain Recycling uses its expertise in recycling to help the contractor determine the best method of material handling to generate the highest return. This could include material preparation or managing the material in an unprepared manner. Providing this information based on the best location for the scrap material at hand is just one of the services Rocky Mountain Recycling provides.

Rocky Mountain Recycling also operates and manages its own mobile shear and can support any project with an experienced operator and reliable equipment to prepare scrap material on site. This service is provided as a means to support the contractor in cases where the preparation of material is key and schedules might require this extra support.

For information, a site visit and review or management of materials please contact:
Greg Menen – Director of Demolition Scrap Management
Office: (303) 288-6868