Sell Scrap Metal


Rocky Mountain Recycling receives ferrous “steel” loads on the east side of Brighton Boulevard. Loads containing nonferrous material “copper, brass, cans” can unload on the west side of Brighton Blvd.

Upon visiting the steel yard, the first thing you will encounter is wide open and clean driveways that direct you onto the scales. For steel loads we weigh and grade your material and you can see your weights on our over sized scale readout. Then drive into the yard where our efficient and friendly personnel will assist you with your unloading. You never have to fear flat tires as we are constantly cleaning our paved driveways. After unloading, you will return to the scale to weigh again to determine the light weight of your vehicle.

When unloading nonferrous on the west side you will be directed to the receiving area for small loads of metal. Large truck loads of nonferrous material will be directed to the truck scale. Rocky Mountain Recycling has the premier retail buying operation no quantity is too small.

Park your vehicle and come inside. We will pay you via check if you wish, or you can choose the cash option. Our on-site ATM’s will save you a trip to the bank!
Photo ID is required and please have your license plate number available.

For top pricing call (303) 288-6868 and ask for pricing or a buyer.

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Please complete the form online and we will contact you within 24 hours. If you prefer an answer sooner, please call 303.288.6868
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We buy the following household items:
• Aluminum screen doors without glass (better price if free of foreign attachments)
• Aluminum lawn chairs and furniture(free of foreign attachments)
• Aluminum ladders
• Aluminum cans
• Aluminum pie pans, foil and TV dinner trays
• Household appliances- Metallic
• Electrical cords, drop cords, and battery cables
• Metal sheds, awnings and frames
• Metal garden tools
• Metal toys (such as bikes, wagons)
• Metal sinks and bathroom fixtures
• Metal tables, chairs and filing cabinets
• Television antennas
• Garbage disposals
• Lead wheel weights and fishing lures
• Copper piping, wire and insulated wire
• Radiators
• Heater cores
• Nuts, bolts, and nails
• Car rims, hoods, fenders, etc.
• Inner tubes (no bike tubes) car and truck with no foam or jelly contaminants